• Gasoline and diesel conditioners

    Motor Oil

    Exclusive range of motor Polytron oils and treatment is designed to minimize friction, heat and wear in a wide variety of applications, providing superior protection of machinery and increasing the reliability of the equipment.


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  • Motor oils and engine treatments

    Industrial lubricants

    Integrated maintenance solutions from the Polytron as lithium-based grease or pentetrating lubricant spray provides protection and improved performance, while providing broad compatibility with existing equipment and maintenance programs.

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  • Industrial lubricants and grease


    Polytron additives increase reliability and eliminate wear your equipment. Even in the event of sudden loss of oil Polytron temporarily protects catastrophic engine damage.Polytron maximizes your equipment better than any other products.

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  • Customised services and solutions

    Transmissions Oils

    Developed to lubricate all types of gear drives both in automotive vehicles and industrial applications.Polytron UNITRAN automotive gear oils are formulated with a special selection of high quality hydrotreated base stocks and high quality synthetic base.

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