Metal treatment concentrate ( Additive ) - Polytron Australia
Metal treatment concentrate ( Additive ) - Polytron Australia
Metal treatment concentrate ( Additive ) - Polytron Australia

Metal Treatment Concentrate ( Additive )

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Polytron Metal Treatment Concentrate  is a 100% petroleum based super Lubricant which will give you multiple benefits explained further below.

POLYTRON Metal Treatment Concentrate (MTC) is the best in the industry; unmatched outstanding performance. Add to your favorite lubricant and you will have the protection you can count on.

POLYTRON is attracted to metal surfaces and through metallurgical process forms (from the original metal) a durable polished-like micro-layer of metal that drastically resists wear up to 95%, extreme pressure, and excessive temperature. POLYTRON will increase the reliability, longevity, efficiency, power, and eliminate wear on your equipment. Even in an event of sudden oil/coolant loss, POLYTRON can temporarily protect the engine from catastrophic damages.


Polytron MTC (Metal & Engine Treatment Concentrate)

Your vehicle is made up of many metal parts that can succumb to irreparable wear and tear if not looked after correctly. The use of Polytron penetrating lubricant and lithium grease protects the metal parts that come into contact with each other. By adding 10% of Polytron MTC (Metal Treatment Concentrate) to your lubricant, you can fortify that protection and prolong the life of your vehicle.

Polytron MTC (Engine Treatment & Oil Stablizer) is polarised, which enables the elements in the additive to permeate the metal, enhancing the wear resistance and improving resilience of the metal parts by at least 100 times. Your vehicle will thank you for it.

Common Characteristics and Applications of Polytron MTC


  • Maximizes Fuel Mileage (mpg) by up to 35+%
  • Extends Oil Change intervals 3 – 7 times
  • Maximizes Power & Compression
  • Eliminates wear of engine/equipment up to 99%
  • Extends maintenance intervals 4 – 7 times
  • Keeps the engine/equipment parts completely clean
  • Lowers Operating Temperature and noise level
  • Protects engine/equipment across a wider range of temperatures
  • Provides temporary Protection to engines/equipment in the event of lubricant loss
  • Contributes to the reduction of direct expenses and maintenance costs up to 60%.

Polytron MTC is used for a multitude of different applications. The oil additive can be used in conjunction with:

  • Gear lubes
  • Motor oils and transmission fluids
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Cutting oils
  • And much more

Use of Polytron MTC (Engine Treatment & Oil Stablizer) can enhance fuel economy by up to 35%, maximise power and compression, prolong vehicle maintenance intervals by four to seven times, reduce operating temperature and noise level, and safeguard vehicle engine and equipment over a greater range of temperatures, all while keeping them completely clean.

Purchase your Polytron MTC (Metal & Engine Treatment Concentrate) online today – we deliver across Australia.

    In Gasoline or Diesel engines, add one 473ml bottle of POLYTRON MTC to a standard 5 litres crankcase, or approx. 10% by volume to any larger crankcase during an oil change. If used for the first time , apply it at least 320km before the next oil change, then apply it again in the next oil change. If oil change intervals are as per the car manufacturer’s instructions, apply POLYTRON MTC every other oil change. In extended oil change intervals, (30,000km to 70,000km) add POLYTRON MTC every oil change.

    Motor Oil:—————————- add 10%
    Automatic Transmission Fluid:— add 5%
    Manual Transmission Fluid:——- add 10%
    Hydraulic Systems:—————– add 5%
    Gear Boxes:————————- add 10%
    Bearing Journals:——————- add 10%

    Note: All are in % by volume.