Polytron Lithium Grease  Polytron EP-2 - Polytron Australia
Polytron Lithium Grease  Polytron EP-2 - Polytron Australia

Polytron Lithium Grease Polytron EP-2

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Polytron EP-2 Lithium Grease will provide you with the protection you need on your heavy equipment, slides, and gears of all kinds. Potential to eliminate wear up to 90% and cut your maintenance cost up to 60%, simply by switching to Polytron EP-2.

POLYTRON EP-2 Lithium Complex Grease is a superior quality, multipurpose, wide temperature-range lubricant. It is made with lithium complex soap, quality base oils and POLYTRON’s scientifically engineered anti-wear friction reducing formula with other additives to contribute to its outstanding qualities of water resistance and anti rust/corrosion protection. It may also be used in electric motors of NEMA insulation class A and B types. POLYTRON EP-2 Lithium Grease does not soften excessively during high speed operation in rolling contact bearings. Excellent for automotive and industrial equipment.


Polytron Lithium Grease

Reduce unnecessary wear on your machinery by up to 90% and cut maintenance costs by up to 60% when you buy lithium grease online from Polytron. Lithium complex grease delivers the ultimate safeguard for your heavy equipment, particularly of the automotive and industrial variety, significantly minimising friction, heat and wear when it is applied to any solid surfaces, slides and gears that might make contact with each other. This premium-quality, highly versatile, high-performance product is designed to extend the life of your machinery, ensuring you get more years out of it than you might expect.

Common Benefits of and Applications for Lithium Complex Grease

Polytron lithium grease boasts a wealth of benefits for your machinery. Applying lithium complex grease helps to reduce friction, which in turn simultaneously cuts fuel costs and boosts power and torque output. The grease aids in the reduction of operating noise and operating temperature, enabling the machinery to continue with optimal functionality for longer.

Typically this lubrication product is used to protect:

  • Rock quarry equipment
  • Truck fleets
  • Tractors
  • Wheel bearings & steering systems
  • Bearings on air conditioning units
  • And much more

When you need to buy lithium grease online for your industrial or automotive machinery, choose Polytron Lithium grease. We deliver Australia wide – place your order today.

Key Benefits

Key benefits of Polytron Lithium Grease

  • Eliminates wear by up to 95% and reduce maintenance cost up to 60%
  • Protects equipments during temporary loss of grease
  • Operates insevere condition and temperature
  • Protects equipment from high contamination
  • Repels water and protection against from corrosion
  • Lowers operating temperature
  • Lowers operating noise
  • Low friction can help reduce fuel cost significantly, while boosting power and torque output


Applications of Polytron EP-2

  • rock quarry equipment (jaw crushers)
  • truck fleets
  • track roller bearings on all “tracked” type
  • tractors like Caterpillar and Navistar.
  • rotary drill collar threads and drill pipe threads.
  • fifth wheels, king pins, wheel bearings, steering system
  • bearings, and all chassis points including ball joints and universal joints, journal bearings and low and moderate speed antifriction bearings in construction equipment such as bulldozers, scrapers, loaders and shovels.
  • Contact surfaces, such as: roller chains, trunions, gear, cables, sheaves, slides, chassis bearings, conveyor bearings, sliding and rubbing surfaces, kiln car bearings, heavy loaded pivot pins, splinted shafts, or other surfaces subjected to sliding, vibration, or oscillation where fretting is encountered

More specific applications of EP-2 Lithium Grease include:

  • Steering drag links transmission cross shaft spring pins
  • Shackle pins
  • Brake cam shafts
  • Fifth wheel faceplates and pivots operating under wide range of temperatures
  • Water pumps operating in water, mud or dusty conditions.
  • Life pack lubricant of automotive generators, alternators, and starters to protect against effects of moisture and road splash
  • Bearings on air-conditioning  units in buildings
  • Unsealed electric motor bearings operating under moist conditions
  • Applications, where silent operations are called for
  • Antifriction bearings operating at high speeds and/or severe conditions, including moisture, temperature, and contaminations