About Polytron

Our Mission

We are committed to provide the most effective solutions for lubrication, engine additives and concentrates for treatment of integrated professional services experience. We provide the latest top product of technologies for treatments engine lubrication and improve fuel combustion.

Next Generation Technology

Polytron petroleum products using advanced molecular engineering to create an entirely new class of lubricant enhancers.

Our products are developed based on decades of professional experience and specialized expertise in chemistry. Benefits of using Polytron products:

  • Help improve the quality of the air we breathe
  • Reduce landfill and petroleum product waste
  • Conserve used oil through unique lubrication technology
  • Protect your investment
  • Reduce your operating and maintenance expenses


Polytron owns the exclusive rights to a proprietary and revolutionary ‘Next Generation’ lubrication technology that can significantly reduce harmful exhaust pollutants while increasing fuel efficiency and overall performance.

By reducing friction, Polytron improves the efficiency of your equipment; allow more complete fuel combustion thereby releasing more energy, while reducing harmful emissions.

Polytron products will not void any manufacturer’s warranties and are sold with a 100% retail customer satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Polytron oil products use advanced molecular engineering to create a completely new class of lubricant enhancers. The Polytronized oil forms a bond with the metal surface being treated. This reaction is even stronger where there is excessive heat uild-up due to friction between two metal surfaces.

Most conventional oils would be subject to thermal viscosity breakdown and would tend to flow away from these areas, exposing metal to wear. Polytron goes directly to the wear points or hot spots so that protection is supplied where it is needed most. This coating reduces friction and helps to protect your equipment's parts under the most extreme conditions. Polytron products are regularly improved upon as a result of continuing research and development by leading chemists from the USA, Canada, England and Australia.

Our Story

Polytron acquired the rights to a unique line of proven environmental products in the summer of 2012, with previous sales of over $250 million since the technology was brought to Europe from the North America in the early nineties.

An experienced management team was formed, comprised of individuals with successful backgrounds in operations, technology, marketing, sales, and training. Corporate offices were established in Newport Beach, California, along with production, warehousing and shipping facilities in Canada and the USA, to support business operations throughout North America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Our goal has always been to build a strong global organization where our customers receive products offering exceptional value.

We believe that trust and integrity is the foundation of our business, and we will always strive to earn the trust and respect of all of our business associates.