Polytron products guarantee

Your warranty is protected

Polytron lubricants are a unique 100% guaranteed pure petroleum-based metal treatment that is compatible with all motor oils, including synthetics as well as hydraulic and transmission fluids. Polytron is not intended to replace the oil in your engine or the fluid in your transmission. Engine oil, for example, contains a package of oil additives designed to perform a variety of tasks crucial to engine performance.

Use of Polytron cannot void any manufacturer warranty. A warranty covers the material and workmanship put into the equipment warranted. Improving on the minimum lubrication requirements recommended to allow equipment to survive the warranty period cannot negatively affect either the material or the quality of the assembly.

Unlike many oil additives, Polytron will not interfere with engineered tolerances and cannot adversely affect engine performance. Polytron additive contains no solids of any kind. It contains no plastic particles or PTFE resins (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene also more commonly known as Teflon™). It contains no molybdenum disulfide or any potentially toxic and environmentally hazardous metals such as copper or lead or any other metal.

Polytron does not endorse deviating in any manner from the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines especially with respect to frequency of oil changes. Failure to regularly change your oil can result in the voiding of a manufacturer’s warranty. Using Polytron products to reduce wear and improve lubrication CANNOT void a warranty.

Your warranty actually covers the quality of material and workmanship that went into assembling your equipment/vehicle. Protecting the moving metal parts in your equipment/vehicle with a protective lubricating layer cannot void that warranty. Generally it is not that oil is worn out that requires oil changes; more often it is that the package of additives in the oil will have been exhausted and require replenishment.

In summary Polytron may extend the useful life of the base lubricant and allow it to work better for longer but we DO NOT recommend deviating from manufacturer’s warranty guidelines.

Polytron Fuel Concentrate is a non-extractable and ash-less conditioner that serves as a multi-functional lubricant, and conforms to EPA regulations when used in diesel fuel. It is non-corrosive and contains no solids. Polytron Fuel Concentrate is EPA registered.

Polytron Fuel Concentrate is compatible with all grades of fuel; gasoline and diesel, heating oils etc. but may not be totally miscible with crude, heavy bunker C grade fuel.