15W40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil - Polytron Australia
15W40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil - Polytron Australia

15W40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil

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15W40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Protect your vehicle while getting the most out of its performance capabilities when you use fully synthetic motor oil from Polytron. Unlike conventional motor oil which is made from crude oil and contains minerals that can be harmful to your engine, synthetic oil is typically made from chemically altered petroleum components. In some cases, it can also be combined with other raw materials. Polytron Fully Synthetic Motor Oil has been developed to replace the existing lubricant in your vehicle and combines our Metal Treatment Concentrate (MTC) with our superior quality synthetic lubricant to ensure maximum protection and performance. Your vehicle is sure to appreciate it!

The Benefits of Using Synthetic Motor Oil

There are numerous advantages when making the change from conventional mineral based motor oil to a fully synthetic substitute. These benefits include:

  • Greater resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown and issues with oil sludge
  • Enhanced lubrication, which is particularly beneficial in extreme weather conditions
  • Increased fuel economy and improved horsepower and torque thanks to reduction in engine drag
  • Potentially a longer engine life

Experience the difference that Polytron Fully Synthetic Motor Oil can make to your vehicle. Buy online from Polytron Australia today.


Polytron Fully Synthetic 15W40, contains Polytron MTC and as a

  • Eliminates up to 85% of engine wear.
  • Reduces engine operating tem-perature and noise level.
  • Eliminates any build-up and keeps engine completely clean.
  • In the event of oil or coolant loss, engines may be
    protected for limited number of miles under reasonable driving conditions.
  • Restores compression (thecompression may go up even in new cars).
  • Contributes to cleaner emission gases.
  • Their performance dose not deteriorate in severe operating conditions of dust, dirt and moisture.* Extends oil change intervals by at least 100%.
  • Contributes to fuel and oil economy.

Polytron Fully Synthetic SAE 15W40, CK-4 / SL is a blend of highly hy-dro-cracked base oils ans selected additives,designed to give excellent performance in all recommended applications. This engine oil contains an effective detergent-dispersant which keeps the EGR engines highly clean. It is additionally fortified with oxidation-corrosion inhibitors, extremepressure additives, foam inhibitors to protect vital engine parts from scuffing and to protect bearings from corrosion.